If you repeatedly violate the rules, or I suspect that you are trying to sabotage this operation in any way, I will immediately block and blacklist. I am only interested in dealing with genuine clients.
Agents not welcomed


No Haggling on Rebates

Take it or leave it! I'm not the one missing out.

Please Don't Ask About Rebate if You Are Not a Serious Buyer

It is not in anyone's best interest for me to reveal this information carelessly. The final cashback sum will only be revealed once you have confirmed your purchase (upon signing OTP or S&P). If you want to have an idea, refer to the "Schemes." Anyway, rebate or not, it should not affect your purchasing decision.

No Involving Other Agents in Any Way

There can only be ONE party getting the payout. If I have to share my commission, how will you get your promised sum? Any other agents not recommended by me will 100% sabotage this operation.

Follow My Instructions to the Teeth

Do Not Be Rude

Do Not Ask for My Identity

I will not reveal myself for security reasons. This is the best way to ensure this operation's longevity. I seek your understanding as this is to reduce risk due to the sensitive nature of this operation. I will always be available for you on WhatsApp and Facebook.


I have the final say on the rebate given. Generally, it will be around 60% of my payout.

You will only receive your rebate once I get my commission from the developer. It will typically take at least 6 months for me to receive the monies. Different developers have different payout timelines. Once you have paid the 5%, within the week, I will be notified of the estimated payout date and will update you and the system accordingly.

I will not give out your rebate in advance out of my own pocket.

Upon successfully going through any of the schemes, you will automatically be included in the VVIP portal. The portal will be helpful to you in various ways.

Your rebate will be given in cash.

A successful referral means that the person you’ve referred has successfully committed to a unit via NLDS (New Launch Discount Scheme).