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This model breaks down the rebates you will get per tier and in total based
on the parameters given. Calculations will be based on the formula, refer to NLDS.

This is for NLRS simulation only. To add in your rebate, just apply the NLDS formula to your purchase price and add it to the results generated here.

  • Agency cut and your cut will be fixed at 10% and 60%, respectively.
  • Commission rate will be fixed for all tiers once selected for simplicity's sake.
  • Purchase price for T2, T3, and T4 will be randomly generated from a range of 1m to 10m.
  • Results will re-generate 10 times, and the final sums will be the average for better accuracy.

Sample: If you selected 2 pax for T1 and 2 pax for Referral with a 2.75% commission rate, model parameters:

  • Commission rate: 2.75%
  • T1: 2 pax
  • T2: 4 pax
  • T3: 8 pax
  • T4: 16 pax

Results will be calculated based on a 2.75% commission rate for all tiers.

Note that this is just a model. In reality, commission rates vary depending on developers and other factors like ABSD timeline, etc. I've seen commissions of more than 5% and also those less than 2%. Likewise, there are also those with a price tag of above 10m. Considering all these factors, I've decided to make this model on the more conservative side.